Frequently Asked Questions About AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

Frequently Asked Questions About AMSOIL Synthetic Oil

Posted on: 07-1-2013 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

What is AMSOIL synthetic oil and what are the benefits?

AMSOIL synthetic oil is chemically engineered with smooth, pure and uniform molecules that reduce friction. By controlling friction and heat more effectively, synthetic oil greatly reduces the rate of component failure and greatly reduces the rate of component wear. Using AMSOIL synthetic oil comes with many benefits, such as, better fuel economy, cleaner emissions, easy cold-temperature starting, superior protection in extreme heat, and AMSOIL synthetic lubricants last longer than other lubricants. The bottom line, AMSOIL saves you money.

Why buy AMSOIL?

AMSOIL recently celebrated 40 years since becoming the first company in the world to engineer and manufacture a 100% synthetic API certified motor oil. Since 1972, AMSOIL has been the leader in synthetic lubrication technology and is the only lubrication manufacturer to produce motor oil rated for 25,000 miles between oil changes.

Can I buy AMSOIL with a discount?

Yes, AMSOIL offers approximately 25% off retail price to AMSOIL Preferred Customers. Preferred Customers conveniently order online or by phone and the product ships directly to them. Sign up today for a Preferred Customer discount.

How can I stay up-to-date with AMSOIL new products and AMSOIL news?

Sign up as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer and receive the AMSOIL monthly magazine. The AMSOIL magazine highlights new AMSOIL products, keeps the reader up-to-date on its racing sponsors, and has great educational articles discussing lubrication technology.

What is the history of AMSOIL?

AMSOIL Founder, A.J. “Al” Amatuzio piloted the most advanced jet aircraft in the world as a Lieutenant Colonel. Amatuzio was convinced that if synthetic lubricants were the only lubricants tough enough to work in jet engines, why not apply those same great products to the engines of automobiles? In 1972, AMSOIL was born and Amatuzio had assembled the most creative minds in the world, and under his leadership the world’s first 100% synthetic motor oil to surpass American Petroleum Institute (API) service requirements was introduced. AMSOIL continues to manufacture the best products on the market here in USA and distributes its products from fourteen distribution Centers.

Who is Synthetics USA?

Synthetics USA, LLC is an independent AMSOIL dealer and supports a dealer network throughout the United States and Canada. Synthetics USA serves individuals, commercial and retail businesses and offers products and services online at

Why buy AMSOIL synthetic oil from Synthetics USA?

We are committed to helping our customers understand how to purchase AMSOIL oil at the best possible price. Our website is designed so that when you click on a link to buy AMSOIL products you are redirected to By linking you to AMSOIL’s website we are allowing you to buy directly from AMSOIL and receive the best possible prices. AMSOIL collects payment from our customers and ships the product directly to them from the nearest AMSOIL warehouse. We make your AMSOIL purchase safe and convenient.

What if I buy AMSOIL online directly from

If you go to and make a purchase without clicking through our website, your AMSOIL purchase will be distributed by AMSOIL, to another AMSOIL dealer that you know nothing about. By allowing us to be your referring dealer, you can know that you will receive great support from Synthetics USA in conjunction with AMSOIL’s great customer service.


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