A Common Question AMSOIL Preferred Customers Ask

A Common Question AMSOIL Preferred Customers Ask

Posted on: 06-22-2013 Posted in: RJWOil Blog

A Common Question Preferred Customers Ask

As a Preferred Customer is there a certain amount I am required to buy?

There is no minimum you must order, however, try not to place too small of an order at a given time because one bottle of oil or one filter will cost more than half of the cost of shipping an entire case of oil. So, we suggest considering carefully all the products you need and ordering them at the same time. Ask yourself, besides oil, do I need:

• An oil filter fuel, cabin filter or an engine air filter?
• Oil for my diesel engine, racecar or European car?
• 2-Cycle or 4-Stroke oil for my lawnmower, ATV, boat, or motorcycle?
• Break-in oil?
• Transmission fluid, filter or engine and transmission flush?
• Synthetic Power Steering or Brake Fluid?
• AMSOIL’s Low Toxicity Propylene Glycol Antifreeze and Coolant?
• Dominator Coolant Boost?
• Performance Improver, Quick Shot Gasoline Stabilizer?
• Bar and Chain Oil?
• Compressor Oil?
• Grease?
• Octane Boost?
• MP Metal Protector, Heavy-Duty Metal Protector
• Wiper Blades?
• Spark plugs?
• Miracle Wash?
• Polishes, waxes and cleaners?

Are you proud to use AMSOIL products and want everyone to know it? Don’t forget an AMSOIL sticker, a hat or jacket. And, don’t forget that extra bottle of oil to top off between oil changes, should that be necessary.

Once you have your shopping list all together THEN place your order, and you’ll be pleased at how you’ll save on shipping.

An alternative to shipping is possible for some. See if you live close enough to one of these AMSOIL Distribution Center to pick up your products directly and eliminate the shipping cost altogether. Click here for AMSOIL Distribution Center locations.

Remember to login to your Preferred Customer account so that you’ll get the wholesale pricing when placing your orders online. If you place your order through the 800-777-7094 order line, be prepared to provide your Preferred Customer number, for the same wholesale pricing.
Please allow 3 hours from the time of placing your order before picking up your products.

(If you need your products shipped, AMSOIL has a reasonable shipping rate worked out for all customers regardless of how far away you do live).

Did you know AMSOIL has two other full lines of products? In my next post I will talk about the ALTRUM all natural line of Vitamins, Supplements, Superfoods and AGGRAND. AGGRAND is an all-natural liquid products that deliver healthy plant and harvest yields without unhealthy chemicals.

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