New AMSOIL Website Review – Part 1

New AMSOIL Website Review – Part 1

Posted on: 06-17-2013 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

After more than six months of beta testing, AMSOIL Inc. launched a completely re-designed website in mid-December of 2012. The new website design was carefully re-designed to improve the overall online shopping experience for each AMSOIL customer. From product selection to checkout, AMSOIL has provided the most advanced website for synthetic oil products on the web.

Starting with the home page at you will find everything you need to select the correct products. AMSOIL gives multiple ways to find products helping narrow your selection quickly. On the top left in the black menu bar are two options: Shop by Product or Equipment. Clicking on Shop by Product will take you to a full menu of AMSOIL products. Motor Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Compressor Oil, Fuel Additives, Transmission Fluid, Gear Lube, Grease, Filters, Clothing, Literature, Garage Accessories and information on how to purchase AMSOIL at wholesale prices are some of the choices. Clicking on Equipment will take you to a list of AMSOIL products by the type of equipment you are using. Automotive and Light Truck, ATV and UTV, Classic, Off Road, Semi-Trailer Trucks, Boats, Diesel Motors, Dirt Bikes, Compact Imports, Motorcycles, Motor Homes and Snowmobiles are some of the choices. When on either of these pages you will also find a list on the bottom left called I Need Products for My. This is AMSOIL’s most powerful product search tool. For example, clicking on Car or Truck will allow you to search AMSOIL products for vehicles ranging from 2013 to 1980. After entering the vehicle year, make and model, a full list of AMSOIL products will appear. Every synthetic lubricant, filter, grease, NGK Plug and wiresets, and wiper blades will be listed along with specific manufacturer specifications and bulletins pertaining to your vehicle. AMSOIL provides capacities and torque specifications for the vehicle near the bottom of the page. You will also find Vintage Vehicle, Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, Personal Watercraft, Marine Engine, and Small Engine under the I Need Products for My.

Bottom line: AMSOIL has provided the best website and products for synthetic oil buyers.

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