AMSOIL updated catalogs now available!

AMSOIL updated catalogs now available!

Posted on: 06-17-2013 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

Click here to get a complimentary AMSOIL catalog. Stay up-to-date with latest 47 page, full color AMSOIL catalog.
When your latest AMSOIL catalog arrives, you want to check out the expanded Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. AMSOIL continues to lead the lubrication market by investing in research and development programs to make available the highest quality products. Automotive technology changes the demand on lubricants. The ability of lubricants to protect against sludge and deposit formation is becoming more important. ATF fluids must demonstrate increased thermal stability throughout longer drain intervals for components to last as designed. AMSOIL Signature Series ATF is wax-free and delivers excellent cold-flow properties. It improves shift response and warm-up times.

Each product page in the AMSOIL catalog includes a photo of the product and a detailed description of what the products’ applications, part numbers, package sizes, weights, and retail costs are. You will also find the AMSOIL ordering line phone number and hours you can call in orders.

Saving on AMSOIL orders has never been easier. On page 23 of the latest AMSOIL catalog, AMSOIL gives you two ways to purchase all your AMSOIL products at wholesale: through the AMSOIL Preferred Customer Program or the AMSOIL Dealer Program. Register for the AMSOIL Preferred Customer program and save!

The AMSOIL Dealer Program is a great small business opportunity, with the benefits of buying at wholesale prices, selling AMSOIL products, registering new customers and earning commissions. Register as an AMSOIL dealer in 5 minutes now.

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