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Hard Working AMSOIL Dealers Comments Off on Hard Working AMSOIL Dealers

Posted on: 05-16-2012

Have you ever heard the phrase “if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all?” Do you know people who always seem to have the “glass is half empty” mentality? Are you one of these people? Truth is a lot of folks blame bad luck on their inability to succeed whether it […]

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AMSOIL Dealer Sales Top Tools Comments Off on AMSOIL Dealer Sales Top Tools

Posted on: 05-10-2012

In one form or another, all of us in the Dealer Sales Department have received this question; “What are the most important items to help an AMSOIL Dealer with his business?” As a department, of course our first recommendation is that all Dealers should have a G700 Business Manual. This “bible” of the AMSOIL business […]

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AMSOIL T-1 Lead Program Comments Off on AMSOIL T-1 Lead Program

Posted on: 04-28-2012

Learn About the Recent Changes to AMSOIL’s T-1 Program AMSOIL implemented changes to a revised T-1 Certification Program aimed at creating a higher percentage of lead follow-up within the AMSOIL Dealer network after just three months. The revised T-1 Program was enabled to efficiently and effectively respond to potential customers while increasing the opportunity for conversion […]

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Role Play for Comfort, Confidence, and Success Comments Off on Role Play for Comfort, Confidence, and Success

Posted on: 04-1-2012

So now your appointment book is filled with meetings in April. What are you going to do to prepare for your AMSOIL meetings? Let’s assume you have done your research on the companies and businesses you will be meeting with. You have researched their competition as well as yours. You know exactly what equipment they […]

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Communication Key to Customer Service Comments Off on Communication Key to Customer Service

Posted on: 03-24-2012

When it comes to business, there are many things that are out of your control. It may be the struggling economy. It may be the increasingly conservative buying habits of nervous consumers. It may be the weather. One of the things that you can control, however, is the degree of communication you provide your current […]

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Reconnect with Dormant AMSOIL Customers Comments Off on Reconnect with Dormant AMSOIL Customers

Posted on: 03-17-2012

There is an old saying”  “It takes no courage to quit.”  The same can be said for an AMSOIL Dealer in regard to dormant prospects and old AMSOIL customers.  The easy thing to do would be to just forget about them.  After all, they didn’t seem interested the last couple of times I contacted them.  […]

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No Doesn’t Mean Never Comments Off on No Doesn’t Mean Never

Posted on: 03-10-2012

If you have been a regular reader of our AMSOIL blog you noticed the emphasis we placed on your goals for the New Year. We feel very strongly that setting goals is essential to being successful with your AMSOIL business and hope you have them in place as we jump into second quarter of 2012. […]

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Building AMSOIL Customer Confidence Comments Off on Building AMSOIL Customer Confidence

Posted on: 03-4-2012

Customer confidence is a “must have” in the business world. If your AMSOIL customer’s doesn’t have confidence in your ability to deliver on your promises, he/she will go elsewhere for their needs. There are a number of things you can do to increase the confidence level of your customers with regard to the promises you make. Here […]

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Want to grow your AMSOIL business? Comments Off on Want to grow your AMSOIL business?

Posted on: 02-26-2012

There are (2) ways to grow your AMSOIL business. First increase your share of the existing AMSOIL purchases in the market, second grow the market. This probably isn’t new to anyone that is involved in the business world. What I am hoping to shed some light on is, the number of AMSOIL Dealers who overlook […]

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How to Become an AMSOIL Dealer Comments Off on How to Become an AMSOIL Dealer

Posted on: 02-24-2012

Before I tell you how to become an AMSIOL dealer, I would like to talk about what it takes to become a successful AMSOIL dealer. The most important virtue is patience! It takes time for an AMOIL dealer to build a core customer base. But with patience and persistence your AMSOIL business can grow from […]

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