Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Posted on: 12-23-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

Well, the year of 2012 is almost over and 2013 is soon upon us. How close did you come to accomplishing all of your AMSOIL goals this year? You do have a list, right? If not, now is a great time to make a list of your goals for 2013. We will provide some tips on creating goals, but first, let’s cover just a few good reasons for creating goals. Research has shown that people who use goal setting effectively;

  • Suffer less from stress and anxiety
  • Concentrate better
  • Show more self-confidence
  • Perform better
  • Are happier and more satisfied

These are some pretty good reasons to create a list of AMSOIL goals that you would like to accomplish in the next year. So, let’s get to those tips. When putting together a list of goals, try using the SMART method. SMART is an acronym for;

Specific – Your goals should be clear-cut and put emphasis on what you want to see happen. Think of the What, Why and How method as you put your specific goals together. The goals should be specific. In other words, a goal of making more money will not cut it. A goal of making $5,000 more dollars in 2013 over your 2012 earnings is much more specific.

Measurable – You know the old saying; you can’t manage what you can’t measure! Measure your progress toward your goal. Choose a goal that shows your progress so you recognize the change as it occurs. If you make $450.00 more dollars in January 2012 than in January 2011, you are on track to reach your year end goal of making $5,000 more dollars. Be sure to set criteria for measuring the progress you are making toward your goal.

Attainable – If you set goals that are too far out of reach, you won’t make the commitment necessary to reach those goals. This is a balancing act as you also don’t want to set goals that are too easy to reach. For example, the goal of loosing 30 lbs in one week would not be practical. But, setting the goal of losing one pound a week for 30 weeks is one that is worthy of your efforts and one that can be attained. Goals should stretch your abilities.

Realistic – Don’t be confused, realistic does not mean easy, it just means the goal is feasible. Put together a plan that makes your goals realistic. The goals you set need to be realistic for where you are right now. For example, it is not realistic for for someone who loves sweets to set a goal to never eat sweets again. Setting the goal of eating an apple in place of a doughnut in the morning is realistic.

Timely – Set a time frame for your goal. This will provide you with a clear target to work toward and will motivate you to reach that goal. Your commitment level will wain if you don’t have a time frame for reaching your goal.

By the way, don’t try to set too many goals for yourself. Three major goals a year is plenty to work on.

So, if you want to have less stress, concentrate better and be a happier person, set your goals for 2013. You will be glad you did. Maybe there is an AMSOIL Dealer that would like to share a success they realized because they set a SMART goal? If so, feel free to send it in!

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