AMSOIL Sales Lesson

AMSOIL Sales Lesson

Posted on: 09-4-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

I want to share with you a sales lesson that I learned from my AMSOIL Regional Sales Manager, Peter Markham. Peter’s dad was part owner in a clothing store that sold higher end men’s and women’s clothing. This was a retail business with a storefront and showrooms with clothing on racks and shelves. Growing up, Peter’s simple understanding of the business was that people would just come in and buy clothing as they needed it. That’s what retail sales is, right?

When Peter hit his teenage years he realized that he needed more money beyond his allowance. Peter wanted to buy records (yes vinyl in those days,) tapes, go to movies, take girls on dates. I know you understand what I am talking about. He needed to get a job in order to fund my growing interests. There were various part-time jobs he worked during these years, and one of them was working a few hours here and there in the clothing store. Most of the time it involved unpacking the clothing orders as they came in and making sure all items were there and accounted for. Once that was done his father instructed him on the prices to put on the tags, and then he stocked the shelves and racks with the latest fashions. The more time he spent there, the more he paid attention to what he did after he filled the racks and shelves. Like clockwork he was on the phone for the next couple of hours. After catching on to this pattern, he wanted to know what he was doing talking to so many people.

“Well Peter, the suits and coats aren’t going to sell themselves; I’ve got to hustle up some business.” That’s how he phrased it. He knew that to keep three growing boys fed and clothed without eating him out of house and home, he need to sell more clothes. So he would pull out his customer book and call up his regular customers. He knew their tastes and knew just who to call dependent on what was new on the shelves. He didn’t wait for his customers to come to him; he would hustle up some business by going to his book. They would tell him when they would come in to see the newest clothes, and he always had their size ready to go for them to try on.

Now let’s apply this concept to your AMSOIL Business. As you know, AMSOIL is regularly introducing new and improved products to provide the highest quality and best performing products. This means that AMSOIL is regularly providing AMSOIL Dealers additional opportunities for product sales. So when you see the newest products announcements from us, you should be getting out your customer books and “hustling up some business!”

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