Develop AMSOIL Leadership

Develop AMSOIL Leadership

Posted on: 07-22-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

How do you create a leadership culture?  It’s not something that you can do overnight.  It’s a mindset or a concerted effort to take on leadership traits and to make those traits part of your daily routine.  Remember, you don’t create your culture.  You create your daily habits and they create your future.  The results you’re experiencing now are likely the result of habits you created in the past.

Live what you teach.  Especially in a training mode, you want to be able to lead by example.  Talk is cheap.  Can you walk the walk as well as talk the talk?  You have probably heard the phrase there is no “I” in team.  When developing a leadership culture it is important to think “we” as opposed to “I”.  Involve members of your team in the decision process to the degree they are qualified.  They probably deserve a seat at the table sooner than you may think.
Do what you say.  If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you do it.  Integrity is being a person of your word.  If your team or your customers lose their trust in you, you’ve lost them.  More times than not, a team member or customer goes elsewhere because their leader or boss didn’t back up what they said.
Be honest with others.  This again comes down to trust.  If you misrepresent someone or lie to them, you instantly lose credibility and you may never get it back.  Mutual trust and honesty is vital to a successful relationship.  Dr. William Schultz, a noted psychologist, said if people in business just told the truth, 80% to 90% of their problems would disappear.
Put what is best for others ahead of what is best for you.  People see that you are all about helping them to become successful and not solely about making money off their efforts.  Let your people know you believe in them.  It’s amazing how often they may live up to your expectations.  This type of mentality will enable you to develop long lasting relationship and loyalty.
And finally, perhaps the most important aspect of any leadership situation:  recognize even the smallest of accomplishments.  Everyone likes to be recognized and patted on the back when they do a good job.  Recognition is the magic elixir of MLM, and leadership in general.  No one does enough of this.  No one!

So prove yourself as an AMSOIL leader by developing a leadership culture and watch how fast people will follow you.

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