The Importance of Professional Follow Up

The Importance of Professional Follow Up

Posted on: 07-8-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

Ever been disappointed because a salesperson failed to follow-up with you after a sales presentation? Yea, me too. Have you ever given an AMSOIL sales presentation and didn’t make the sale? I’ve done it more times than I care to remember. Is that the end? Do you move on to the next prospect? Don’t do it. In fact, if you do, you are leaving money “on the barrel head.”

Many AMSOIL salespeople fail to follow-up on sales calls out of fear. Fear that the prospect will tell them no, that they will lose a sale, that they will get rejected. It is time to put those fears away. To overcome this fear, face it. Don’t take a no personally and you have won half the battle.

Professional salespeople follow-up in a timely manner. What is the definition of timely? If you give a sales presentation on Monday and don’t have a thank you card in the mail by Wednesday, it is too late. Don’t send thank you cards by mail? Use only email? Then you are really missing the boat when it comes to differentiating yourself from your competition (don’t forget that approximately 20% of all email goes unopened). Not that email is bad, just that a handwritten, mailed, thank you card is better. Much better. Bigger and faster sales better.

Better yet, follow-up using a number of different communication methods. How about a handwritten thank you card (which includes your business card, contact information and your desire to be of service to them) followed by a telephone call, followed by an email? Not sure how often your prospective AMSOIL customer wants you to follow-up with them? Ask them!

If you have been to AMSOIL University, you may have attended a class titled “Relationship Selling.” You could call this type of follow-up relationship selling as you are selling, but you are also building a relationship. Relationship selling can also be called consultative selling. You position yourself as a consultant, not “just” a sales person.

Sales follow up begins during your first sales presentation. Instead of sitting across the table, sit on the same side of the table and together find the best solution to fit the needs of your customer. Its all about creating customer value and completing proper sales follow-up.

One more tip. Not sure what you should write in a thank you card? Develop a thank you template that you keep on your computer so with some simple modifications, you can hit the print button and have a customized thank you card in short order.

AMSOIL leads are not cheap. You know this. So, once a lead has developed into a prospect and then evolved into a sales call, why would you take a chance on loosing your investment by not following up in a timely and professional manner? It is a step in the sales process that many salespeople ignore. Don’t you be one of them.

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