AMSOIL Dealer Sales Top Tools

AMSOIL Dealer Sales Top Tools

Posted on: 05-10-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

In one form or another, all of us in the Dealer Sales Department have received this question; “What are the most important items to help an AMSOIL Dealer with his business?” As a department, of course our first recommendation is that all Dealers should have a G700 Business Manual. This “bible” of the AMSOIL business contains all of the information an AMSOIL Dealer needs to develop a successful business. But within the G700, there are 5 key items that are always within arm’s reach of everyone in the Dealer Sales Department for quick reference.
The first 2 tools work together like a pitcher and a catcher in baseball. The Marketing Plan “Policies” (G47A) and the Marketing Plan “Compensation” (G47B). These documents establish the parameters of an AMSOIL Dealer’s business, and how Dealers will get paid. Specifically, the Marketing Plan “Policies” establishes the AMSOIL Conduct Code and the particulars of an AMSOIL Dealership which include promotional activities as well as the purchase and sales of products and literature. The Marketing Plan “Compensation” outlines how AMSOIL Dealers earn commissions as well as the terms and definitions of the AMSOIL nomenclature.

A key component to an AMSOIL Dealer’s business is to be able to register and sell products to other businesses. The Commercial & Retail Marketing Procedures (G1097) document defines specifically what constitutes a Retail-on-the-Shelf account and a Commercial account. In addition, an AMSOIL Dealer’s responsibilities as a servicing Dealer are clearly outlined in the G1097. Furthermore, the Commercial & Retail Marketing Procedures lays out the regulations AMSOIL Dealers must adhere to in order to comply with the AMSOIL Multi-Level Marketing Sales Plan.

The AMSOIL Business opportunity does not limit Dealers to any specific territory or region. Dealers are free to register Preferred Customers, Retail and Commercial Accounts, and other Dealers anywhere within the United States or Canada. For that reason AMSOIL protects the registered customers of individual Dealers. To limit occurrences of account interference and to help Dealers act appropriately when looking to bring in new customers, AMSOIL developed Initial Contact Guidelines for Registering Dealers, Preferred Customers and Accounts (G2194).
The final tool that the Dealer Sales Department refers to frequently is the AMSOIL Dealer Internet Promotion and Policies (G1781). The internet is obviously a powerful instrument for sharing information and enhancing business, and AMSOIL remains committed to supporting Dealer’s use of the medium. In order to ensure all Dealers have the same opportunities to utilize this tool, AMSOIL developed the G1781 to guide the internet activities in the promotion of individual businesses.

There they are, the top 5 tools within arm’s reach of the Dealer Sales Department. If we feel that strongly about these items, that should tell you how close you should keep them to you.

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