Role Play for Comfort, Confidence, and Success

Role Play for Comfort, Confidence, and Success

Posted on: 04-1-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

So now your appointment book is filled with meetings in April. What are you going to do to prepare for your AMSOIL meetings? Let’s assume you have done your research on the companies and businesses you will be meeting with. You have researched their competition as well as yours. You know exactly what equipment they have and what AMSOIL products they should purchase and you have all the accompanying literature. So you think you are ready, right? Perhaps, but have you practiced the appointment yet?

Yes practice. Complete your preparation for the AMOSIL meeting by role playing the meeting. This sales training method can be extremely effective in preparing for the sales call. There is no better way to prepare than to simulate the “heat of the moment” that the meeting provides. Role playing allows you to practice that moment, especially that moment of objection. There is a big difference between knowing what the response to the objection and verbally communicating your response to the objection. By role playing you have the chance to practice different strategies to overcome the objection without the actual threat of losing the sale.

Role playing can be intimidating to some, but it is less intimidating than when you are actually in front of the customer. The ideal role play scenario involves three people; one person to play the part of customer, one to play the part of the Dealer, and the third to act as a referee. While the referee is not necessary, the referee can provide important feedback (positive and negative) from the “neutral” observer’s position. Another good idea is to record or even videotape the exchange. Hearing the role play will help reinforce the good and allow more specific feedback on the areas that need work.

Ideally you should role play with other members of your Personal Group. But let’s face it, around the holidays it can be tough setting aside the time to meet with these people. So try this, write out the sales scenario on index cards. While laying out the scenario, include the anticipated objections for the appointment. Now grab your spouse, family member or friend to run the role play with you. They may not be quite the “actor” you were hoping for, but you will still get the reps in to improve your interactions for the actual call.

After running through the scenarios a few times, you will be amazed at how much more comfortable you feel, and you will carry this right through to the actual meeting. Comfort translates to confidence, and confidence translates to sales. Give role playing a try the next chance you get and remember the 5 P’s of sales, proper preparations prevents poor performance.

Have a successful April selling AMSOIL synthetic Oil!

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