Reconnect with Dormant AMSOIL Customers

Reconnect with Dormant AMSOIL Customers

Posted on: 03-17-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

There is an old saying”  “It takes no courage to quit.”  The same can be said for an AMSOIL Dealer in regard to dormant prospects and old AMSOIL customers.  The easy thing to do would be to just forget about them.  After all, they didn’t seem interested the last couple of times I contacted them.  Why beat a dead horse?
I want to share a story about an AMSOIL Dealer who felt the same way until he decided to try reconnecting with some old AMSOIL customers.  The key factor in this story was that the AMSOIL Dealer summoned up the courage to admit that he was at fault.  He didn’t keep the lines of communication open with his accounts.  He got lazy and gave up on the customer.  Certain circumstances in his life caused him to have a “glass is half empty” attitude.

To the AMSOIL Dealer’s amazement, good things began to happen when he took a more positive, proactive approach to his old customers.  By being open and honest about the fact that he had dropped the ball by not maintaining contact, his old customers realized a vulnerable, human side to the Dealer.  As opposed to trying to “sell” the customer again, the Dealer was merely trying to reconnect.  He was not so much asking for a referral as he was providing a service.  Instead of asking why the customers were no longer buying, he was checking in to make sure everything was all right and to re-confirm the fact that he could be of service.

The AMSOIL Dealer discovered that some of these dormant customers had needs now that they did not have in the past.  Circumstances were such that buying six months ago was not an option at the time, but now those circumstances have changed.  The Dealer realized it was nothing personal.  He discovered that customers in most cases do not want to be bothered by a sales call.  So this Dealer took a different approach and decided to make a service call rather than a sales call.  He came to realize that customers will respond to that latter mindset if it’s genuine.

Bottom line, not every one of this AMSOIL Dealer’s dormant customers decided to order again and not every old prospect decided to jump on board.  But reconnecting with these people did not cost anything, nor did it require a great deal of time or effort.  It just took some courage and a sense of accountability.  In the end, the Dealer felt much better about himself and rekindled some sales in the process.

While it’s important to find new customers to bring into a business or organization, learning how to reactivate old customers is an invaluable business tool in today’s business world.  Giving away something that is meaningful yet still affordable is a nice way to reconnect.

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