No Doesn’t Mean Never

No Doesn’t Mean Never

Posted on: 03-10-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

If you have been a regular reader of our AMSOIL blog you noticed the emphasis we placed on your goals for the New Year. We feel very strongly that setting goals is essential to being successful with your AMSOIL business and hope you have them in place as we jump into second quarter of 2012. We also hope that one of your goals is bringing in new customers. Remember that in order to grow your business there are only two ways to do it: sell more to existing customers or bring in new customers.

In your business and for our discussion, new customers can take any of the following forms; Dealers, PCs, Commercial accounts, Retail accounts and Catalog customers. Do you have new customers incorporated into your 2012 business goals? Good, glad to hear that you have new customer goals. And where do new customers come from? Prospects!

Just as a butterfly must develop from a caterpillar, new customers most often must develop from a prospect. There will be those occasions on your first encounter you find that butterfly, but the majority of the time you must help develop the caterpillar from their premature prospect stage to the customer butterfly. Statistics say that only 8% of sales are made on the first call, and in fact, most sales aren’t made until at least the fifth sales call. It can take that long to develop interest in the AMSOIL products you are selling.

There is a saying in the sales world that you should remember, and will help you deal with rejection when it happens; “No doesn’t’ mean never, it just means not now.” Remember you have to develop that caterpillar. You have to be patient and invest the time needed to find their needs, their reasons for buying, educate them on the value of AMSOIL products and develop a relationship of trust. A sales professional must work at building a relationship before a prospect can become a customer.

You should plan on hearing “No” five times, or more. That’s ok; because your goal is help develop the caterpillar to their mature state and each “no” gets you closer to hearing “yes.” Get excited about hearing the word no! Build your relationship and show the prospect how you can help them, rather than simply talking about the products. Use the different communication tools available today; face-to-face calls, emails, telephone calls, handwritten notes, a monthly newsletter, your AMSOIL blog, an article with your business card sayings “I thought you would find this interesting.“ Prospecting and obtaining new AMSOIL customers takes time and dedication. Remember, no doesn’t mean never, just not now.

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