How to Become an AMSOIL Dealer

How to Become an AMSOIL Dealer

Posted on: 02-24-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

Before I tell you how to become an AMSIOL dealer, I would like to talk about what it takes to become a successful AMSOIL dealer. The most important virtue is patience! It takes time for an AMOIL dealer to build a core customer base. But with patience and persistence your AMSOIL business can grow from having only one AMSOIL customer to having hundreds and even thousands of customers and other AMSOIL dealers on your dealer line. Not only can an AMSOIL dealer sell product, they can also sign up other dealers to sell AMSOIL products. Having a successful AMSOIL dealer down line increases your sales volume and therefore increases your monthly commission checks.

A great way to increase AMSOIL leads is to become T1 Certified. Becoming T1 Certified is easy and well worth the effort. When you sign up as an AMSOIL dealer, be sure to purchase the AMSOIL Business Manual and you will have everything you need to become T1 Certified. All AMSOIL orders and leads that are not referred by an AMSOIL dealer are distributed to T1 Certified dealers. This means that AMSOIL T1 Certified dealers get commissions and customer leads by doing nothing more than being T1 Certified. Imagine if you have 10, 20 or 30, T1 Certified AMSOIL dealers signed on under you! I recommend that ALL dealers become T1 Certified!

The AMSOIL product is well established having been around for over 40 years. One of my dealers told me the other day, “AMSOIL is the easiest thing I have ever sold. Everyone needs oil and it needs to be constantly changed.” It is true, lubricants are needed in every moving part! Think about that statement for a minute. AMSOIL is something everyone can use.

Becoming an AMSOIL dealer just got easier. AMSOIL now has an online form right on their website. The form only takes 5 minutes to fill out, then you make your payment and that’s it. Wait for AMSOIL to review your application and in 7 to 10 business days you will have a dealer packet mailed to your front door. This is the start of a great adventure of owning your own business! If you have any questions about becoming an AMSOIL dealer, give me (Jason) a call today: 440-731-6607

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