Prepared AMSOIL Dealer

Prepared AMSOIL Dealer

Posted on: 02-6-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

I was never a Boy Scout, but like and greatly endorse the Scouts motto “Be Prepared.” I like it and endorse “Be Prepared” because it can apply it to every part of your life, including an AMSOIL business. Most of AMSOIL Dealers that I talk with on a regular bases are those who are starting as “part time” Dealers. They each have reasons for becoming an AMSOIL Dealer, but have a common desire to build an AMSOIL business of their own.
Even though many Dealers may not work the business full time, I tell each and every Dealer to be prepared to conduct business at any time. You never know when someone will see the AMSOIL sticker on your truck or see the logo on your shirt and want to know more about the products. So how do you prepare to handle a business opportunity on the drop of a hat? Put AMSOIL literature to work for you.

Whether you have a file box in your car or a three ring binder in your briefcase, have AMSOIL literature ready to go. AMSOIL produces these tools so you can be prepared for any situation. The following list is a good mix of the literature pieces that will help you be prepared for a variety of sales situations:

Register new customers:
• G18C Dealer and PC registration application
• G1001Retail Account Registration Kit
• G1007 Commercial Account Registration Kit

Product catalogs & pricing
• G3500 Wholesale Price List
• G2742 AGGRAND Wholesale Price List
• G1670 ALTRUM Product Catalog
• G100 AMSOIL Retail Catalog

AMSOIL Business opportunity and AMSOIL information
• G85 Income Opportunities Flyer
• G359 Questions and Answers
• G2334 Save Money with AMSOIL
• G393 Commitment to Excellence
• G3401 Programs for Installers

Niche Markets
• G1056 Lawn & Garden
• G2779 Autos & Light Trucks
• G1489 Diesel Power
• G1008 Marine Products
• G2507 Power Sports Products
• G2860 Over-the-Road Trucks
• G391 Motorcycle Products

To find the above AMSOIL info. Go to the Dealer Zone and search the “G” number. You will find that most of the items listed are free to print. If you have any other questions please call me at 440-731-6607.

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