Synthetics USA Dealer Line Update

Synthetics USA Dealer Line Update

Posted on: 01-29-2012 Posted in: AMSOIL Blog

Thank you to everyone for a great 2011. We are proud to announce that Synthetics USA, LLC has experienced more than threefold growth this past year. We are looking forward to another record breaking year in 2012. The synthetic oil lubrication market is growing, and you, our Synthetics USA AMSOIL Dealers, are taking advantage of this opportunity.

The synthetic oil lubrication market share in the United States is expected to grow while the conventional motor oil market share is expected to shrink over the next decade. Increasing energy cost and manufacturers using synthetic oil factory fills will be major catalysts for this explosive growth. As AMSOIL dealers, we are on the front lines of intercepting customers moving from conventional oil to 100% synthetic oil lubricants.

With AMSOIL’s commitment to do everything possible to help AMSOIL Dealers increase sales and build their businesses, 2012 looks brighter than ever before. AMSOIL has done several things to help the Synthetics USA’s dealer line. First, AMSOIL has stepped up its internet advertising campaigns to take advantage of the increasing internet sales growth the United States is experiencing. According to the November issue of the Internet Retailer Magazine, online sales in the automobile aftermarket increased over 40% in 2011. It is estimated that AMSOIL will serve up to 122 million impressions from banner ads. Most of the banner ads are animated with images and messages designed to engage the viewer. These ads are being run on high profile websites in very specialized markets. The bulk of these ads are targeted toward do-it-yourselfers. These ads continue to increase AMSOIL’s brand recognition and leverage the strength of the AMSOIL product lines. Second, AMSOIL continues to use national racing sponsors to attract new customers.  We are very excited about AMSOIL’s continued commitment to sponsor world champion racers. AMSOIL continues to show its determination to dominate the synthetic oil market share.

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